Online Business Strategy Rigas Gaze (Latvia) Strategy for bringing the business online.
Marketing Product in CIS Aquadoc (Russia) Strategy for bringing a new network marketing product to the CIS market.
Web Service Development Biedriba LABA (Latvia) A multi-phase program for the administrative and technical development of a web service.
Samsung & NemoTV Campaign NemoTelecom Limited (UK) Development of Samsung and NemoTV cross marketing campaign in CIS region.
Skolena e-Karte Support Rigas Karte (Latvia) Project of information support of the municipal portal for schoolchildren and their parents Skolena e-karte.
Marketing Plan & Strategy MapSignal (UK) Development of a monetization model, marketing plan and project development strategy.
Streaming Service Marketing Plan NemoTelecom Limited (UK) A comprehensive marketing plan for the NEMO TV streaming service for smart TV and Android-box in the CIS region.
Sales Promotion Campaign Mebeles24 (Estonia, Latvia) Sales promotion campaign integrated with loyalty programs for buyers and sellers.
Monetization Plan Intensa (Latvia) Plan for monetization of web service and portal.
Business Development Plan Stellium (Russia) Organizational and technical structuring of the new hybrid video service.